2015 Inventive Builder Camp

Inventive Builder is a LEGO® summer camp for kids ages 4 to 14. Our camp is designed for kids who love to create, build, and discover using LEGO® sets and bricks. This year we are excited to offer camps in Winston-Salem and Hickory!

The week for builders age 4 and 5 includes age appropriate LEGO
® lessons and LEGO® sets with plenty of instructors to help with building. There are thousands of free build LEGO® pieces for imaginative play! We focus on creating a fun, friendly and caring environment for our youngest LEGO® builders.

The week for builders age 6 to 9 includes lessons that incorporate architectural/design principles and imagination. Also, Digital Design (CAD) software is available to introduce the computer as a tool for design. There are hundreds of LEGO
® sets and free build LEGO® pieces for all ability levels!

Builders (age 10+) have their choice of the more difficult sets and sculptures. There are thousands of free build LEGO
® pieces available to build the most complex creations. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotic program is offered during this class. The robotics program combines the unlimited versatility of the LEGO® building system with an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive programming software.

The camp utilizes LEGO® and MINDSTORMS® products but is not affiliated with the LEGO® Company in any way.

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